Cement Sustainability Initiative Progress Report 2007

In 2005, The Cement Sustainability Initiative (CSI) published an interim progress report charting the initiative’s work and accomplishments since its inception. The report stated what the CSI had pledged to do, what it had accordingly accomplished, how it measured performance, and future plans. The material below brings that report up to date, and adds a few future challenges to the work of the CSI.

Image Climate change and environmental issues now increasingly dominate both political and business agendas, driven by climate research that has made clear mankind’s impact on the climate and the large economic costs of inaction. Industries that understand their impacts and adapt early will move ahead and prosper in a future sustainable economy. CSI companies have recognized this, and are committed to continuing to align the cement industry with the best sustainable practices, fully aware that early action will be pivotal both for the planet and for their industry.

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The Cement Sector

Cement is a low-cost product made from an abundant natural resource - limestone.
The relative expense of land transport usually limits cement sales to within 300km of a plant site.
Very little cement is traded and transported internationally

Agenda for Action

  • CO2 and Climate Protection
  • Responsible use of Fuels and Raw Materials
  • Employee Health and Safety
  • Emissions Monitoring and Reduction
  • Local Impacts on Land and Communities

The Next Steps

  • Additional work on Climate Change and Climate policy
  • Regional Outreach and Capacity Building in Key Developing Economies, and
  • Recycling Concrete



A World Business Council for Sustainable Development project, click here for more information.


Key Performance Indicators agreed to and reported by CSI members. 

Image CSI Key Performance Indicators

How members have delivered on commitments made in the 'Agenda for Action'.

Image CSI 'Agenda for Action' accomplishments

Our Members

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